3 options to setup business in Dubai you need to know!

Dubai is an ideal destination for all the flourishing Businesses. You need to follow a pretty simple process; making precise decisions at the correct time, to set up your business in Dubai.

Three main options which you have to choose from are:


Free Zone


Choosing the zone is the most significant decision, as this will ultimately determine your next steps for setting up the business.


The mainland region of Dubai comes under the department of economic development.

If you plan to business setup in dubai on the mainland, you must go through complete information about the Dubai Mainland market. Submit required licenses and complete the paperwork to get yourself registered.

Major mainland regions are listed as Dubai Mainland, Abu Dhabi Mainland, Sharjah Mainland and Ajman Mainland.


The most chosen option among the three of them is Freezone. The incentives that it offers,

100% company ownership,

0% corporation and personal tax,

100% returns on capital and profits,

100% exemption on import and export tax and

No currency restrictions

never fail to drag the attention of businesspeople.

This is not enough; perks of operating in a free zone also include Flexible desks and office settings, freehold property and minimal obligations.

Dubai Free Zones, Abu Dhabi free zones, Sharjah free zones, Ajman free zones and Ras Al-Khaimah Free zone are enumerated as the five major Freezone regions.


The companies planning to register themselves offshore have to follow just a quick procedure. There is no need for an operating license for offshore companies; only a certificate of incorporation is given to them. You are only required to have complete information about the registration process. You can put up with Clever Corp pro service to make it up to your convenience.

Major Benefits include:

100% ownership

100% profits

And complete privacy.

Dubai Offshore Ajman Offshore Jebel Ali (JAFZA) Offshore and Ras AI- Khaimah (RAK) offshore are recorded as the crucial offshore regions.

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