Boost Business Credibility with The Accessibe WordPress Plugin

Website owners should never ignore web accessibility, or else you will face legal penalties. When you are working on WordPress websites, you must ensure everyone can visit them without hassles, including those with physical disabilities. Under the laws of the USA, it is mandatory for you to ensure everyone can navigate your site easily, or else you face the risks of legal suits and hefty fines.

The Accessibe WordPress Plugin helps you to enhance web accessibility

The Accessibe WordPress Plugin is highly popular for boosting the web accessibility of a WordPress site. It enhances the quality of your site so that users are able to get a better experience. It also the search engine ranks of your site and boosts the credibility of your business with success.

A large range of site elements should be accessible before the site can confidently state it is fully accessible to everyone. To ensure complete accessibility, these elements should sync and work together. The themes and the plugins you choose for your WordPress site should be fully accessible to everyone as well. You must check this feature when you download and install them for your site.

The following are some elements to help you boost your site accessibility-

1. Colors, Alt text, and Images– People with visual impairments have a good user experience when the UX of your site is good. You should ensure the color contrast between the background and the text is sufficient to give users a comfortable experience. This factor will help you to improve the readability aspect of the site. The color palette you use should not be too flashy to distract the eye from the core content. Users with visual impairments can benefit from the image alt-text that describes the website’s imagery. This helps screen readers to outline what the image depicts.

2. Shorthand/Acronyms– Some users online struggle with acronyms and technical language. The same also holds true for screen readers. They do not have the necessary content to communicate the jargon accurately to the web user. Whenever possible, you should define acronyms and technical terms from the beginning.

3. Contacts forms– They should be simple for the user to follow and fill in. This means you should left-align the text and consistently label every box. Here, you should deploy standard terminology instead of getting too descriptive. Common titles like phone number, name, email, etc., should be used.

4. Links-Screen readers should seek out the links in the web content to make it simple for users with visual impairments to navigate the site. However, the site’s anchor text should be descriptive enough to indicate where this link will take the user to. For instance- “Get More Tips for Web Accessibility Here” will give the user more information than the terms “Here” and “More.”

5. Text/Fonts– For enhanced readability, your web text should have a font size of 16px at least. You should select a simple font like serif for enhanced readability. You should select fonts that are not very elaborate or swirl too much, especially for the main text context.

Besides the above, the Accessibe WordPress Plugin enhances the web accessibility of your site. Choosing this Plugin helps your site to stand out and attract more web traffic and credibility with success!

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