Most Followed Celebrities on Instagram

If you’ve ever wondered where to follow your favorite celebrity on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place. With the most popular names in music and entertainment, such as Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez, and Beyonce — Instagram is the place to be. Even more surprising, is that many of these celebs now have been getting more Instagram followers than some of the top businesses and brands in the world today.

We’ve gathered the most popular celebrities’ profiles so you can follow them without having to spend hours browsing their accounts. There are even hashtags for your favorite celebrities, including Selena Gomez, Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj.

Read on to learn more about the exciting world of social media and where to follow your favorite celebs online.

Instagram is the Best Place to Follow Celebrities

There are plenty of reasons why Instagram is the best place to follow celebrities. Whether it’s because you want to see their everyday life or follow their latest photos, Instagram allows you to discover new talents and stay in touch with the most popular celebrities. Here are 25 of the best celebrities to follow on the popular photo-sharing app. Follow them now to stay up to date with their latest news and pictures. They’ll be pleased to see you!

Miley Cyrus has over 115 million followers on Instagram. While she’s still working on her music career, the singer-actress keeps fans interested by posting pictures of herself and her family. She’s also very active on the platform, posting pictures of her adorable son Rocco. She has stirred up controversy on her profile, praising Margaret Thatcher, duking it out with Drake, and sharing racy pictures from her photo shoots. The actress rarely misses a few days to post on her account.

Selena Gomez

You might have noticed a few Selena Gomez Instagram posts lately. The singer has been showing off her cute side in many of her pictures. Most of the time, she posts simple pictures of herself, like a fun-filled day on a boat, or a candid moment with a friend or fellow artist. In fact, there are even some personal pictures of Selena Gomez, like a very adorable car selfie with Cardi B and DJ Snake.

In late September, Selena Gomez went on a social media spree and ended up with nearly 300 million followers. Then she abruptly announced that she was taking a break from the world of social media. After nearly four months, Selena Gomez returned to Instagram. She said she needed time to “live life outside of the spotlight.”


The list of most followed celebrities on Instagram is constantly changing and growing. Kim Kardashian has 116 million followers and Beyonce has 117 million. Beyonce started out as a child singer and entered singing contests. Since then, she’s become a global sensation. She uses her account to post bold pictures and sometimes shares her personal life with fans. Kendall Jenner is another famous person who has a massive following on Instagram. With nearly 222 million followers, she’s one of the most followed celebrities on the social media platform.

The Rock is another popular Instagram user. The actor and producer is one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram. His followers are massive, averaging seven million likes per photo. He posts regularly and is known for sharing his personal life with his fans. Dwayne Johnson is the most followed male on Instagram, and has over 400 million followers. Ariana Grande is another popular celebrity on the site, known for her singing and acting on the TV show “Victorious.”

Justin Bieber

The Instagram accounts of some of the world’s biggest stars have garnered millions of followers, and the latest additions to the list include Khloe Kardashian and Justin Bieber. Bieber, who is best known for his role in the Fast and Furious movies, had held the ninth spot in the list before Khloe Kardashian took his place. While Bieber was popular for his music, the popularity of his style and appearance has led many to follow the singer instead. The multifaceted star’s Instagram account includes posts about family, sports and workouts, as well as his activism.

Selena Gomez is another famous celebrity who has gained followers through Instagram. The singer and songwriter began her career on children’s TV show Barney. Despite having a huge following on Instagram, Gomez has also opened up about the impact of social media on her mental health, and has since avoided the internet. She currently has more than 69 million followers. While she’s far from the top spot, she remains one of the most popular celebrities on the site.

Taylor Swift

Fans are predicting an album announcement from Taylor Swift with her latest photo – a dress with a fake diamond button. And this has also drawn some comparisons to music videos from Rebecca Black and one her hit wonder “Friday”. The singer shared the picture with fans in a fun aesthetic, but fans believe the real reason is to promote the forthcoming album. The artist’s recent Instagram posts have been filled with pastels, technicolor effects, and sequins. The album cover has even drawn comparisons to the country style of her previous songs.

While the artist has not officially announced the release of new music, her social media accounts were updated with cryptic pictures and videos that led fans to believe that she was counting down to an album release. The new album would be her seventh studio album, and fans are speculating that the release date is April 26. While it’s too early to confirm the release date, Swift has been known to drop hints before releasing new music.

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