Top 4 Italian Kitchen Designs That Will Add an Elegant Touch to Your Home

A study by NY Daily News states that an average Indian spends around 13 hours cooking in their kitchen. And that’s a humongous number! When you spend that much time in your kitchen, you need a functional and appealing design that won’t run out of style anytime soon.

Whether you are buying a new house or are willing to renovate your existing one, a perfect kitchen attracts cooking lovers. Among the trending home improvement ideas, an Italian kitchen design is one of the most loved and preferred inclusions.

Do you want an imaginative appeal of how your kitchen would look with an Italian design? Well, this blog is here to help you out with the top Italian kitchen designs that are being loved by the Indians.

1. Get that Rustic & Retro Boho Vibe

Among all of the home decor styles, the rustic and retro look of the house is what beats everything else. Italian design is reputed for such an appeal! If you have a good kitchen space on your property, you can consider adding such a rustic and retro appeal.

To make this design possible, you must start by buying copper utensils over the usual materials in the first place. Now, the next thing you should do is give an exposed brick wall appeal to the main wall of the kitchen. You will already have a rustic appeal by now, but now you have to add that modern touch by introducing a modern & stylish oven and gas stove. And your Italian kitchen is ready!

2. The White Paradise

Italians are fond of solid colours, and white is one of their favourite picks for the astounding kitchen appeal. In this Italian kitchen design, you will use pure white colours for your cabinets, countertop, chimney and crockery items. You can add slight beige to some of the elements around the kitchen but don’t overdo it.

Get some sleek hardware and concealed cabinets for adding trendiness and additional storage space around the kitchen. If you are looking for some of the best home decor styles, especially for the kitchen space, this white appeal will reflect the vibe of tranquillity and peace.

3. The Contemporary Touch

If you want to add a contemporary appeal to your kitchen with the Italian vibe, implementing a colour splash around the space will liven it up. As stated earlier, Italians are fond of solid colours, for which you should stick to blending in one or two colours at max. For instance, you can implement a red-printed floral design on the lower cabinets over the white base.

In such a design approach, the adjacent cabinets should have a solid red colour to create a contrasting appeal. The countertop should be white, while the top cabinets should be painted red and white alternatively to implement a fresh vibe.

4. Italian Marble Kitchen Design

Talking about Italian kitchen design and not discussing the use of Italian marble around the space is just not done! The use of granite for the countertops and Italian marble for the overall furnishing of the space. Italian marble is known over the world for the high-quality ambience it creates.

You can use a white, gold and black combination for your kitchen space while using these posh materials. With this, your kitchen decor will become timeless, and the appeal won’t fade.


These are the four outstanding Italian kitchen designs that you should consider alongside all of your other home improvement ideas. Such a design will help you maintain a proper balance between contemporary, luxury and classic appeal. Depending on how you want your kitchen’s decor, customise the designs, blend in different vibes and get a unique Italian appeal.

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