Top 5 Paintings for Pooja Room

Are you looking for some great paintings to decorate your Pooja Room? Paintings for Pooja Room are a great way to honor the gods in your home and make them happy. This article will discuss five paintings that are perfect for Pooja Room decoration.  You can easily buy paintings online to add a sacred appeal and feel to your pooja room.

1.Pattachitra Painting

Pattachitra painting is an ancient form of painting that is believed to bring blessings & happiness. It often contains scenes from mythology and patterns derived from nature. This type of art usually adorns the worship room in homes. These paintings are perfect decorative element for your pooja room.

Some paintings from Pattachitra category are expensive, but the beauty is worth every penny. The prices for these paintings depend on the size and details of the work, but the most expensive ones tend to be made with gold leafing. You can buy pattachitra paintings online under your budget- they are available under affordable as well as expensive price range.

2.Pichwai Paintings

Pichwai Painting is a traditional type of art that looks divine. They were earlier used for temple decoration, but now they can be seen in homes. These paintings are generally created using a mix of clay and white pigment, which define their beauty. They make a perfect item for pooja room décor. Check the collection of Pichwai paintings at several websites and buy the best piece for your worship space or corner in the home.

3.Kalighat Paintings

If you are finding a beautiful art piece for the pooja room walls, you should get a Kalighat painting. It is an age-old style of painting that is simply great for sacred space decoration.

This painting came from Bengal and people have been using it for decoration since eighteenth century. They accentuate daily life and religious activities. They often show Gods and Goddesses who give protection and help in healing when devotees worship them whole-heartedly. Additionally, the Pooja Room of many Bengali people has Kalighat Painting as a symbol of faithfulness to their deities. The look of these paintings is usually intricate and looks great in every worship space.

4.Buddha Paintings

A liking for Buddha Paintings can be witnessed all over the world, including Japan, China, and Thailand. In Buddhist religion, these paintings are used for worship as well as meditation. For some individuals, they give a sense of tranquility and peace in their homes. The primary purpose of Buddha art pieces is to remind everyone about the teachings and beliefs of Lord Buddha- that is to live peacefully and positively. He always promotes the thought of serenity and inspires everybody to make the world a place of refuge from all troubles. They are auspicious and you must buy Buddha Paintings online your pooja room.

5.Madhubani Paintings

Do you know about Madhubani style of paintings? If not, do not worry. Today, you will learn about the Madhubani painting’s history and give some tips on where you buy Madhubani painting online for pooja room décor.

Madhubani paintings are usually utilized as an item of decoration in temples and other sacred Hindu places. They exist from 1905 and depict stories from Mahabharata, Gita, Ramayana, and other Hindu mythology tales. These paintings are made using natural colors like turmeric and indigo. You can purchase framed prints having conventional Indian designs to give your pooja room an enhanced decorative appeal.


These are the best 5 paintings for Pooja room. They are simply perfect to bring spiritual feel to your worship space while keeping its décor maintained. Choose the painting that looks most appealing to you.

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