Top Car Locator Apps To Keep Your Vehicle Secure

Car locator apps are different from GPS tracking systems. A GPS system is installed inside your vehicle to help you to track your car while ensuring that the car owner is always updated with the current location of their respective vehicle. These systems are small pieces of hardware that are installed in the vehicle and connected with the smartphone of the vehicle owner.

While on the other hand, such car locator apps are mobile apps that can bedownloaded, either from Google Playstore or from Apple Store into the owner’s smartphone and then connected with the GPS of the car to keep a check on the vehicle.

These car locator apps donot require any kind of additional hardware installations into the vehicle; the owner simply needs to download these on their smartphone. While all such apps are handy and make car care and security, extremely feasible and accessible for the vehicle owner, yet it is always better to be safe than sorry. At the same time, it is impossible to make these apps work properly if you consistently suffer from glitchy internet service!

Select a Secure Internet Service Provider for Exceptional Connectivity

The car owner needs to have a functional internet connection, which is both secure and reliable while offering speedy connectivity at their disposal at all times. While the market today has too many service players making tall claims regarding their product, we suggest that you should select an ISP that is not new and has been reigning at the top.

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Top Car Locator Apps to Keep Your Vehicle Secure

These apps are best if you are forgetful and often are unable to remember where you parked your vehicle. This is where such car locator apps can be extremely useful. What’s more, is that they often come with additional useful features, nonetheless. Listed below are some of our favorite picks for you!

Find My Car

One of our top picks is the app ‘Find My Car’. You can simply download this on both Android and iOS. This is a fantastic app because its focus is solely on one feature – where you last parked your car and how can you reach it again. All you have to do is save your present location where you parked your car with your GPS and for a reminder, click an optional picture of the surroundings. You may also note the landmarks which are present in the area.

Now you can easily leave your car without any worries! When you want to go back, the app will present a step-by-step process to guide you back to your vehicle. Similar to the breadcrumbs that Hansel and Gretel threw to find their way back home but slightly niftier! What’s even better, is that there is built-in support for both your cellphone and your email address.

Google Maps

One of the best apps out there is Google Maps. One of the best things about the app is that it’s free, with no in-app purchases. In addition to the primary task that is to locate your car, this app also provides the user with real-time personalized traffic updates, provides systematic directions, allows the user to add parking spots on the way to the destination while also allowing you to share your present location with your family and friends. This fantastic app is usually built-in in most android phones and just needs to be regularly updated to work best.


Numerous places around town will allow you to park for long periods. If you are looking for an app, that lets you park on a long-term basis, then you need to download the car locator app, called ‘Honk’. It’s available for users of both Android and iOS smartphones. This app is a fantastic find for all those who are looking for parking spots.

Through this app, you can simply reserve a place for your car at a parking spot, that’s close and convenient for you! All you have to do is link your account with our license plate and verify payments. You also have the option to monitor your meter to avoid getting a ticket. Unfortunately, this app is available in specific US states and Canada only.

Apple Maps

This mobile app is best for iPhone users who worry about the safety of their vehicles. The app is automatically integrated into their phone. Simply open the app, select Settings, and switch on the option of showing parked location. So every time, you open the app, you will see an icon that will help you to identify where you last parked your car/vehicle.

However, for this app, you will need to connect either your Bluetooth option on your phone or connect it with your CarPlay connection to make this feature work properly for you. However, once it’s set up, it’s a delight to use the app as it simplifies locating your car for you.

The Bottom Line…

While our chosen lists had car locator apps, that came with built-in features which further made the app admirable and handy for the user. These included a GPS locator, parking finder, and additional navigation support to facilitate the user as much as possible. However, the same cannot be said about every app that’s out there.

One major factor that should always be counted before you download any car locator app is how often do you need to track your vehicle and how easily ca you locate yourself around a map. Some apps have an option where the vehicle owner can pin their parked location, so it’s easier to find your way back to your car.

However, to make any mobile app work perfectly is to provide it with constant connectivity. To achieve accurate results on your car locator app, always install a service provider, that offers exceptional data packages for you to stay constantly connected with the app. Why not visit buytvinternetphone and check out the wide range of internet service providers to select from. Choose a convenient service, that’s definitely a notch-up from your previous service provider.

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