Why Would You Want To Smoke An Iqos Cigarette Instead?

IQOS has been the most important advancement in the tobacco industry in recent decades. Are you ready to quit smoking? It’s time to change the way you smoke. Learn more about iqos iluma, a revolutionary innovation in tobacco technology you can switch to.

Users Will Inhale Only Vapor When Using AnIQOS

This is the best time for you and your friends to enjoy a better experience with tobacco products. IQOS does not have any effect on indoor or outdoor air quality. Because the aerosols or vapors generated by IQOS evaporate more quickly than traditional cigarettes, IQOS produces a much less offensive odor and leaves fewer stains than traditional cigarettes on furniture and drapes than cigarette smoke.

No matter where you are, your IQOS is always with you. It takes just a few seconds for IQOS’s heating process to start, and it will shut off after that. It’s that simple!

The Strictest Evaluations Were Performed

IQOS has been the subject of extensive scientific investigations, which included 18 clinical and ten non-clinical studies. Participants number in the hundreds. Although IQOS poses no risk, most research suggests it is less dangerous than smoking. However, quitting completely harms your health more than using IQOS.

Why Heating Is Better?

The world cannot function without technology. The passage of time has made our lives easier. Our modes of operation, communication, and transportation have changed. We have combined science and technology to find a better alternative to smoking.

IQOS allows adult smokers to quit smoking and can now enjoy the benefits of IQOS.

The IQOS device heats the tobacco, not ignites it. This is because tobacco burns, which can lead to the production of significant amounts of carbon monoxide. The IQOS Heat Control technology prevents tobacco from burning. This means it contains fewer hazardous compounds and a lower concentration of these chemicals than cigarette smoke.

The Heating Process Used By IQOS Is Utilized

The temperature at which a cigarette burn is 600 degrees Celsius when it’s ignited. As byproducts of the combustion process, smoke and ash can be produced. Every time a smoker puffs, the temperature of the burned ash cone rises to 800 degrees Celsius.

A complex mixture of cigarette smoke and more than 6,000 compounds is involved. Public health authorities have identified around 100 compounds associated with smoking-related disorders.

IQOS Heat Control technology heats tobacco to a lower temperature and prevents it from burning. IQOS produces no smoke since there is no ignition. IQOS produces a tobacco vapor with a richer flavor and 95% fewer hazardous chemicals than cigarettes.

Tobacco Vapor Vs Smoke

Tobacco vapor from an IQOS has a much lower risk than traditional cigarettes. IQOS conducted extensive studies to prove this. They included ten clinical studies of aerosol chemicals (and data from 18 non-clinical studies). This was done with thousands of participants from the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Poland, and other countries. Although some risks are associated with using IQOS, the transition to IQOS poses far fewer health risks than if one continues to smoke.

IQOS Has A Lower Level Than Traditional Cigarettes

When tobacco is smoked, carbon monoxide is created in large amounts. IQOS produces 98% less carbon monoxide (CO) and fewer other harmful chemicals than cigarette smoke.

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