How to buy clothes on the net?

Under my last look post , Lagrandejulie left a comment on the choice of clothes on the internet, and as I do this type of shopping a lot I thought that the answer (more detailed) could perhaps be of interest to other girls (and maybe even you guys?).

– First of all I know myself well and I can even recognize in a photo a cut that will suit me , it already helps to roughen the thing.

– Then I always look at the materials (100% polyester rarely gives good results, even if it sometimes looks cool in a photo). Especially for inexpensive brands, it’s super important: the more natural material there is in it (cotton, silk, linen, wool, modal…), the less likely the thing is to look cheap.

At Asos I use the “ see the runway ” function a lot  , which allows you to see how the garment falls, how it moves, and gives good indications on the material and the cut (I will talk a lot about Asos in this post because that I dress, online, almost only at home).

– For the sizes it is a question of experience: I know how I size in each other; always at Asos it is practical because it fits the normal size (I do 44 at the top and 46 at the bottom, I take 44 at the top and 46 at the bottom and it’s always good).

I wear a lot of jeans (I love it!) And at Asos, they are often listed in American sizes, which makes you crazy when you don’t know. To get your French size, add 10 to the size indicated on the site: the 30 corresponds to a French 40, the 32 to a 42, and so on.

– I also spotted among them the model that suits me best (the Ridley), I no longer even bother to try something else, I only buy this model in all possible variations (I did the same thing with Long & Lean at Gap – when Gap sizes still fit me).

– Payment : some are afraid to use their credit card on the net. Me not, but I’ve never had a problem, maybe that will change 😉

That said, I use Paypal whenever possible (and it is more and more often): c ‘ is an online account linked to your bank account, which saves you from putting your credit card number on the net and also offers guarantees in the event of a dispute with the seller.

– The question of returns is holding back a lot of people. I always say that I am not ordering to buy but to try. And if it doesn’t go I send the stuff back. I wrote a post to explain how to return Asos clothes by post, it’s really easy – and free.

I put a printable return label in this ticket, it can make your life easier 😉 When the package is small I slip it directly into the letterbox, no need to even go to the Post Office, it’s really convenient (they reimburse within 10 days by bank transfer or Paypal, depending on your type of payment).

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