How to Support Your Health This Fall

The fall presents its own cocktail of effects on the body.  Days shorten, temperatures drop, and new flora permeate the air.  From humidity to different kinds of storms, each season presents its own challenges.  The elements are always against us humans, so it is important for us to tap into available technology in order to remain vigilant against inclement weather.  It’s not always easy to discern which technology will be most effective in terms of managing the elements and keeping those elements outdoors.

In a pinch, over-the-counter allergy medication works well.  Screens on doors can keep insects out.  Screen doors are especially important at the end of summer when bees abound and no one can eat outside without attracting the annoying little beasts.

One common facet of the environment to manage is humidity.  Immediately, humidity might seem like an intrinsically bad thing.  Humidity allows for fungus to flourish and grow, upon our skin or otherwise.  For many, it is simply one of the most uncomfortable parts of the summer months, but the lack of humidity can be just as bad, presenting other skin conditions and potentially exacerbating allergies at worst.  Without further ado, let us talk about the first item that may help you in a season as dry as the fall.

1.  Invest in a Humidifier

Large room humidifiers can go a long way in terms of keeping your living space cool and moist.  Requiring a little more than a gallon of water every few days, large room humidifiers are easy to maintain, and they do not continue to run once they are out of water, so you need not worry about wasting energy.  Also, humidifiers are not as loud as other household appliances like washing machines and dishwashers.  They are not even as loud as air conditioning, dispersing mist in a way that you may not notice.

The best ones can cover up to 500 square feet, so they are perfect for studio apartments, master bedrooms, or living rooms.  Some include trays for essential oils.  If you place a few drops of lavender oil in the tray, then each burst of mist will spread a sweet scent across the room.  Whatever humidifier you buy, make sure that you do not need to buy filters separately.  That is a dated concept, and no modern humidifier should be so incapable as to require disposable filters.  With a humidifier, enjoy better sleep, reduced allergy symptoms, and healthier skin during the dry months of fall.  As large room humidifiers are not too loud and not too pricey, this article suggests that you make the investment.

2. Consider Vitamin D Supplements

The universal struggle against seasonal affective disorder is no joke.  Even if you are not so susceptible to changes in daylight as to develop this disorder, decreased sunlight can affect everybody, primarily because of a lack in natural Vitamin D, a powerful bastion against depression among other mental illnesses.  Investing in Vitamin D supplements can boost your mood and increase your immune system’s efficacy at the height of flu season.  Taking a pill once a day might be enough to do the trick.  After just one week on such supplements, you may note an overall increase in happiness.  Some may find it helpful to log “good” days and “bad” days in a journal or on a calendar, though this is not necessarily required.

3. Boost Your Immune System in Other Ways

Fall presents many communicable diseases against which your immune system must defend, especially the common flu.  A great start is your flu shot.  Make sure you schedule and obtain one as early as possible.  There are so many people who end up wearing masks because they fail to schedule their appointments.  In addition to a flu shot, you can practice self-care, eat healthy fruits and vegetables, and stay hydrated.

4. Stay Clean

Be sure to wash your hands whenever you come home and brush your teeth twice a day.  It’s also important to floss.  Some people take showers, while others take baths.  Whichever type of bathing you select, be sure to bathe at least once a day, especially if you are actively dirty.  Even if you are not covered in dirt, you may smell bad and be sweaty, in which case you should clean up.  Being clean is inherently healthy, so be sure to stay clean as often as possible.  Staying clean might also mean making sure your clothes and bedsheets are clean.  Remember to either put clothes in the washing machine or visit the local laundromat in the interest of cleaning any dirty clothes.

5. Buy Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets offer a great way of covering your bed in sheets while limiting negative bodily reactions in the skin.  These can make you sleep more comfortably, avoiding itching entirely..

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