Top 5 DIY One Shot Concentrates

We know that everything is getting more and more expensive this year but in this article we are looking to help you save money by switching to making your own e liquids using some of the most popular DIY One Shot Concentrates.

A one shot concentrate is extremely simple to use – each bottle contains everything needed to make the flavour so you can make it with one flavour shot.

Simply add your DIY one shot concentrate to an empty bottle, add any nicotine shots that you may require to make it your desired strength and top up with propylene glycol / vegetable glycerin mix. Add the bottle cap to the top of the bottle and shake – you’ve then got the best way to make your own  Cheap E Liquid

We’ve taken a look at the top 5 DIY one shot concentrates so you can spend more time saving money on your favourite flavours and less time worrying what to pick.

1 – Goldfish Sauce Fruit Smasher 

This small brand has gained a cult following across several social media forums and its easy to see why – the main flavour is pomegranate with copious amounts of fruits and berries all blended together for an over the top fruit flavoured liquid.

2 – Slice Watermelon Ice 

Not only is this fruit flavour great on its own, but it can be used as part of a more complicated mix if you are looking for the perfect watermelon and ice combination to add some more depth to a recipe. On it’s own, this is a deliciously refreshing natural watermelon flavour with lashings of ice but add some other juices from the slice DIY one shot concentrate range and you have all you need for a tasty tropical creation.

3 – Formulated Vape Co King Cookie Dough 

This isn’t just a great cookie flavour, it’s the king! Freshly made cookie dough with generous helpings of vanilla and caramel are the main features here, but again this can be used as part of a delicious dessert pairing if you’d like to take your flavour even further. Add some vanilla bean ice cream and other creams to create a delicious cookie and ice cream flavour, or some milk chocolate concentrated flavours to create chocolate chip cookie dough – this is a sugar loves dream without the calories.

4 – Coil Star Rainbow Candy 

The flavour that just melts in your mouth, with a rainbow of fruit candy flavours. This is the perfect candy vape without any of the sweeteners in some commercial e liquids so not only will your wallet love the cost savings, but your coils will love it too!.

5 – Formulated Vape Co Apple Crumble 

Another addition from Formulated Vape Co, this one shot concentrate is the perfect recreation of the very british apple crumble and custard. With a deliciously tart apple layer, crumbly biscuit topping and lashings of fresh vanilla custard, this is a great choice for any dessert lover.

While we’ve taken a look at out Top 5 DIY one shot concentrates, there are options out there for every flavour profile including tobacco, menthol, fruit, candy and more.

Simply pick your favourite one shot concentrate and make the easiest cheap DIY e liquid you can, or as you get more adventurous use them as part of a more complex creation.

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